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TV has come a long way from being just a small box in which people had to tune endlessly to get decent signals. If you are not at home when a particular show is aired, you have to miss it or wait until the rerun. There are many times when you would have rushed back from shopping or a long day's work to watch your favorites show. With technology advancing over the years, television entertainment has become a lot more flexible.

With leading providers like Bright House offering quality HD connections, you get the feel of being in a theater when you switch on your TV. You won't be missing a single show, including live shows, with the comprehensive Bright House DVR service. It is a steal for anyone who enjoys TV entertainment. You can choose from three different DVRs:

The traditional DVR helps you record shows, rewind and watch the shows whenever you require.

The HD DVR is for those who wish to make maximum use of their HD connection. This DVR helps you record any HD shows aired on your TV.

The Whole House DVR probably offers one of the most efficient services. When you subscribe to the DVR, you can record or pause a show in one room and continue watching it in another. This way you can change rooms without missing a single scene of your favorite shows.

Bright Nouse Networks DVR

Key Features

› Remote manager:

People never have time during the mornings. By the time you realize you have forgotten to tune your DVR, you will be well on your way. With the DVR remote manager, you won't have any problems. You access and tune your DVR from a PC. Now, you can control your DVR while on the go using a mobile device with an Internet connection. You can not only program, but also view the channel lineup, record shows and more when you are away from home.

› Recording options:

You can watch a single episode or an entire season. You have multiple recording options when you order the DVR service. You can record a single episode, a few select episodes, the latest episodes, episodes from a specific show in a specific channel and even the entire season!

› Watch and record:

There are times when two of your favorite shows will be airing simultaneously. Using the DVR service, you can watch one program while recording another at the same time. You also have the pause and rewind option where you can pause a show, rewind and watch it later.

You will truly enjoy the flexibility your Bright House DVR offers once you subscribe. Order the service today and enjoy the best of TV entertainment.